Vibes Promotion #8 2k23 by OHRWO

Vibes Promotion #8 2k23 by OHRWO

Yo, grab the next Vibes Promotion audiocast!

It starts with irie Reggaemusic by AWA Fall, Dub Libitum, Mungos Hi Fi lgs. Kiko Bun, Eesah, Capleton, Lutan Fyah, Kabaka Pyramid, Busy Signal, Agent Sacso.

Then there is a little Scotch Bonnet label session with the mighty Mexican Bean riddim lgs Mungo´s Hi Fi and Brother Culture, Benjamann, Lyricson, Afrikan Simba, Ranking Joe and  Murray Man and on the Mungo´s Hi Fi Bad From riddim lgs Earl 16, Daddy Freddy, YT and with the big Longfingah´s DEH PON TOP!! rrrrrrewind

Than dive deep down with a fulljoy dubstepset with a lot of whitlabel gooooody´s. 

Get Ready, load and share, thanks!!  The next start 8 O´clock at 30.06.2023 germantime with very special special guest, welcome the the jungle.

Vibes Promotion #8 2k23 by OHRWO.mp3

The session was divided in a Reggae- and a Dubsteppart so that can be played for each mood.

Vibes Promotion #8 Part 1 Reggaeour 2k23 by OHRWO.mp3

Vibes Promotion #8 Part 2 Dubstepour 2k23 by OHRWO.mp3

in 320kps quality for your ears and as  DL!


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