44BassBroadcast – “Runthings” 18th June – 6PM – supported Artist: TREE DREAD


This 44BassBroadcast Edition was accompanied as usual by your favorite radio moderator team Matti BigMan and Manu Ruff. It includes a TREE DREAD extra, he’s a Dresden based Rap and Reggae/Dancehall Artist, who has established for many years. Thanks for providing of these stunning Tunes. It was the pure niceness.

From minute 58 TREE DREAD:

1. Tree Dread – Run Things
2.Tree Dread- Dancehallgirl
3. Tree Dread – Ein Salut für die Crew
4.Tree Dread – Im Schatten der Nacht
5. Tree Dread – die Geschichte des Ichs

6. Tree Dread – Thats Live

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