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Vibes Promotion #14 2k21 by OHRWO

Vibes Promotion #14 2k21 by OHRWO

The new goverment in germany want to leagelize Ganja, so we celebrate that mainstep of liberation in drugpolitcs. 

Thanks to all freedomfighters.

On side 87 of the new german coalation agreement there is: “Wir führen die kontrollierte Abgabe von Cannabis an Erwachsene zu Genusszwecken in lizenzierten Geschäften ein.” That means: We are introducing the controlled supply of cannabis to adults for consumption in licensed stores. 

Blaze up and enjoy the huge session lgs. Mr. Williamz, Green Lion Crew, Joe Lickshot, Wicked & Bonny, Benjamin Stötter, Kenny Knots, Pressure, Turbulence, Lutan Fyah, Top Cat, Soom-T, Pinchers, Anthony B, Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Rita Marley, Eek-A-Mouse, Mungo´s Hifi, O.B.F., Danman, Bukkah, Fada Jep & Mowty Mahlyka, Wudub!?, Ras Tinny, Shanti D, Dubbing Sun, Moonshine Recordings, TMSV, Junior Dread, Skelli Skell, Ganja Crew and many more..

Vibes Promotion #14 2k21 Vibes Promotion by OHRWO.mp3 

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