Vibes Promotion 8th January 2021 with OHRWO

Vibes Promotion lgs. OHRWO  

A little thing show us what is important in this times. It also show  us the evil of the human kind. Some of this messages are in that new year Vibes Promotion Session. The music and their vibes never stop to make us powerfull and positiv.  With Dan I Locks, Dre Island, Agent Sasco, Aza Lineage, Luciano.In that great audiocast you can listen the very limited 7" Guerilljah release "Nah Care" by Longfingah and Hardy Digital also check the big Attack EP by R.Esistence in Dub meets Longfingah and the huge Stand High Patrol production "Our Way". 

The next Artist you must know is Tenor Youthman -> Put down your Gun and Jump. Watch out for that records with Adam Prescott on Moonshine Records!

Later you get massiv basslines by the Sub Basic, Iration Steppas, Bukkah, Don Fe, Maes on Navy Cut, Killa P, Karma on System Music, Dub Ape on Encryped Audio, Lo Dubs and many moreOne thing is guaranteed you will step in and have a good time with this beatyfull vibes.

Load and Enjoy its free °° free your mind.PS. sorry for the microphone distortions!  

Load and Enjoy. 2021_01_08_OHRWO_at_Vibespromotion.mp3
Vibes Promotion lgs. OHRWO

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